Tuesday, August 11, 2009

missing: one perfectly intact sense of sanity

we've been on a bit of an organizing spree around here - purging junk, cleaning out closets, putting stuff into storage. my husband was taking large bins of too-small baby clothes out to the garage to store in the attic space above the rafters. when he got to the bin containing maternity clothes, i told him to stop. "i'll store that bin inside somewhere, in case we need it sooner rather than later." the Me of about three months ago - the Me that was feeling certain that we were going to be the one-and-done kind of procreaters - just shrieked "do you KNOW what you just said?!"and then promptly she lay down and died.

in recent months i have transformed my thoughts on having a second child from no way, no how! you must be crazy to want another child, to okay, let's just see what happens. if we get pregnant, great. if not, no big deal, to the point i'm at now which is more like, "honey, you know i'm no biologist but i think i'm ovulating (did you know there's an app for that?) so get on over here and hop on this." clearly, i win high marks in the romance department, probably not so much in the tact department. i am clearly failing in the sanity department, but i am really excited, actually, to see where this journey takes us. hopefully we have an easy road to conception, an easy pregnancy, and an easy, healthy baby who sleeps 10 hours a night and takes two 3-hour naps a day, rarely fusses, eats like a champ, and is potty trained upon exiting the womb.


  1. Actually, there IS an ap for that :)
    Wasn't sure if that was tongue in cheek, but just in case.

    Yay for getting the urge!