Thursday, August 6, 2009

i may not have a 401k, but i get paid in hugs

once upon a time i had a "real" job. it was a "real" job that required about seven years of higher education but it was a job i was eager to abandon in order to become a mom. although i spent four years in college and another three in graduate school, i always knew that motherhood was my true calling. i'm sure if you asked anyone in my old profession they would tell you that i was good at my job, but i never felt that way. my heart just wasn't in it and i never felt confident in my abilities. i will be the first to tell you that i am a kickass mom, however. i'm not being boastful - well, maybe i am, just a little bit, but shouldn't we all toot our own horns once in a while? - i just love feeling totally confident in my role as a mother. certainly, like all mothers, i have those days that feel like absolute failures, but most of the time i feel like i am doing a fantastic job. i will likely always have laundry piled to the rafters, 18 zillion items on my to-do list, and toys strewn about every room in the house, but i'm learning to be okay with that. it's part of the deal. also, my current boss is way cooler than any other boss i had in the working world...even if she is only 37 inches tall.

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