Friday, August 7, 2009

because cereal for dinner just sucks

my husband would tell you that i am a great cook. fortunately for me, he is a man of simple tastes. seriously, you can throw a bunch of ingredients in a dish, add cheese and call it a casserole and he's a happy camper. he's easy to please which is just my style, but it doesn't give me a ton of motivation to get creative in the kitchen. our meal preparation lately is probably best classified as "scavenging", but this is something i'm hoping to improve. after all, what sort of domestic goddess allows her husband to eat cold cereal for dinner three nights in a row? (that was a hypothetical question. please, no finger pointing.) so, in an attempt to get this kitchen cooking again i'm going to tackle some new recipes, take a stab at menu planning, and challenge myself to make actual meals for my family. not only will this give me a chance to improve my skills in the kitchen, it will be better for our health, and way better for our wallets. if only i can find someone to do all the dishes after dinner....


  1. Its only fair that if you cook someone else do the dishes. I bet Rudy would be MORE than happy to help you out in that department! :)

  2. We are scavengers turned meal planners. It has made cooking and shopping SOOO much more organized and enjoyable! We're not 100% on planning, but getting better. I feel like we're eating a lot healthier (and tastier) too.