Sunday, October 11, 2009

if these babies could write, i'd ask for their autographs

so, OMG is pretty much the only way to sum up how cool this is.

my buddy kerry and her husband jeff are in the new york freaking times today, and their twin babies max and wes are on the goshdarn freaking FRONT PAGE! the accompanying article and video are also available online.

i wrote about kerry here and her baby shower here her boys' arrival here. kerry and jeff's journey to parenthood has been a long one; one that they didn't anticipate would take three years, multiple doctors and medical procedures, and more money than the entire GDP of several developing nations combined. in the end, though, it was all worth it and they have two of the most adorable babies ever to crawl this green earth.

i am so excited for them and i hope this publicity brings light to the struggle of infertility. kerry and jeff have struggled, no doubt, but through it all they have remained positive and hopeful, and have also been inspirational to others who are dealing with fertility issues of their own.

now, if i can just hop on my soapbox for one quick minute....

some of the commenters on this article piss me the fuck off. clearly they have never struggled with fertility issues personally, nor have they known a friend or loved one's struggle with fertility issues. the suggestion to "just adopt a baby" or "get over your need to have a genetically related child" or "there are millions of orphans available, why not just pick one of them" or "i'm childfree by choice and so should you" are so maddening. to those people, i want to shout a loud and heartfelt FUCK YOU. i know i am getting rankled because i know kerry and jeff personally and i know that their desire to have children was not just an "obsession" with getting pregnant. i know that the emotional turmoil for them was monumentally more troubling than the financial turmoil. and the pro-adoption view point?! that's all well and good, certainly there are plenty of children out there who need loving homes. i believe adoption is a beautiful way to create a family, but to say, "wouldn't it be easier to adopt?" is just such a naive, ignorant, dickheaded comment. it's not like adoptive couples, those with and without fertility issues, can just go to the store and grab a baby off the shelf like you would a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread. it's not like someone can just say, "hmm, those naysayers are right. why don't we just go and get ourselves a child" and POOF! instant baby. it's not that easy. my brother and his wife adopted a beautiful boy from korea after dealing with their own fertility issues. they had to pay just as much money, take just as much time, and jump through far more hurdles and cut more red tape than anyone undergoing fertility treatments. it's not a simple solution, and it's not the solution for all couples. there is nothing wrong with someone making the choice to have their own biological child, if that's the journey they choose to pursue.


i must stop now before my blood pressure sky rockets. i can only tolerate so much stupidity and ignorance before becoming enraged.

i don't need to read the comments to know that kerry and jeff are amazing people with awesome little babies. i am so happy for them and the spotlight being shone on their story today. i'm proud to say "i knew you way back when."

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